A Brief Overview Of Investment Property In Japan

In recent years, Japan has stood out as an attractive region to consider purchasing investment property in for many foreigners, with interest continuing to grow.  In today’s article, we’ll discuss what makes Japan so appealing, where to consider investing and… More

November 27, 2018

Area Spotlight: Yokohama & Kanagawa

With the launch of FREA’s Corporate Housing Solutions recently, we have seen an increase in property searches directed in the Yokohama area!  Most our clients to date tended to stick to the inner 23 wards of Tokyo, so our staff… More

November 22, 2018

Corporate Housing Solutions In Japan With FREA!

This Fall, FREA has formally launched our Corporate Housing Solutions division, which is geared towards providing comprehensive relocation support for corporate employees. Initially, FREA was founded as a foreigner-specialized real estate company with only in personal lease contracts in mind,… More

November 20, 2018

Japan’s New Airbnb Laws and The Affected Rental Properties

With the new laws in Japan that went into effect regarding short term housing on June 15th this year, Airbnb has drastically and abruptly reduced its number of active listings this summer.  In addition to mandatory registration, the newly instated… More

August 9, 2018

Renting In Tokyo: Our Housing Satisfaction Guarantee

At FREA, we are always seeking ways to improve our service for foreigners seeking housing.  Please read on for one client’s experience this year, and how we intend to address the possibility of similar cases in the future.   The… More

July 4, 2018

To the HR Departments of Companies Employing Foreigner Staff

Have you encountered any obstacles or difficulties when arranging company housing for staff of foreign nationalities? FREA Co., Ltd. is a real estate brokerage company specializing in foreigners! All our staff are bilingual in Japanese and English, and can provide… More

December 2, 2017