What “Security” Means to Japanese and Foreigners

Those who have been to real estate agencies in Japan may have seen the employees using printers ever so frequently. They could be printing out copies of documents or a 30-page contract. Not only do employees use the printers for… More

November 15, 2019

The Need For Corporate Housing Support In Japan

Relocation support is often a subject of keen interest for working professionals when making employer choices.  As a Japanese real estate agency that specializes in housing for working foreigners, we have had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety… More

June 11, 2019

The Guarantor System In Japan For Housing Applications

Most foreigners arriving in Japan find themselves having to essentially relearn the housing application process, as the associated expenses and screening processes often vary wildly when compared to their home country.  Much of the available information is scarce and vague,… More

May 30, 2019

Navigating Property Viewings In Japan

Property viewings: an ubiquitous part of the housing search process in any country, and in most cases the major deciding point in whether or not to apply for a potential home. Japan is no exception to viewings, but there are… More

May 10, 2019

Initial Development Of Our New Platform Completed

The initial development phase of our upcoming web & mobile housing platform has been completed!  In the upcoming weeks, we will be diving into our various testing stages to ensure everything runs smoothly before finally unveiling the new platform later… More

March 14, 2019

Yokohama-Bound: A Housing Area Guide For Commuters

Many of our housing clients are seeking housing in Japan for the first time.  With so many train lines and neighborhoods, it can be overwhelming trying to identify where to begin searching.  At FREA, where we specialize in corporate housing… More

March 7, 2019

New Developments At FREA This Spring!

Spring is rapidly approaching, and with it the annual peak rush of incoming housing applicants in Japan (typically the fiercest in February and March before tapering out near the end of April).  This year, FREA has actually been stepping back… More

March 1, 2019

Seeking QA Testers For New Japan Housing Mobile /Web Platform

Happy New Year from FREA! We hope that everyone has been enjoying a refreshing and productive January so far.   Development on FREA’s new housing support platform has been steadily progressing, and we are beginning preparations to transition into our… More

January 18, 2019