New Developments At FREA This Spring!

Spring is rapidly approaching, and with it the annual peak rush of incoming housing applicants in Japan (typically the fiercest in February and March before tapering out near the end of April).  This year, FREA has actually been stepping back and taking on a smaller load of housing clients to focus primarily on the development of our upcoming housing platform.


The housing search process—especially as it pertains to foreigners—is rather vague with its somewhat nonuniform approach.  Screening processes also vary widely between companies, making it difficult to predict how soon a hopeful applicant might expect to receive results.

With this aspect and a variety of other key targeted issues in mind, FREA hopes to make some new strides towards actively improve the experience of housing searching for foreigners in Japan, while also continuing to increase the options within reach of those newly arriving from overseas!


We are slated to begin user testing during the end of this month and are now seeking non-Japanese English speakers currently residing in Japan and within the Tokyo area.  Gift card compensation will be provided.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in participating in an effort towards enhanced housing search conditions for foreigners, please contact us at