Move-In Day! – Corporate Housing Solutions For International Transfers! (Part 3 of 3)

In parts 1 and 2 of our corporate housing series, we shared the FREA process of finding housing and arranging furnishings for an actual incoming international employee.  In this 3rd and final segment we will now cover the actual move-in day from start to finish! 

(As this particular corporate client has a periodic staff rotation,  the timeline covers move-out for the outgoing employee AND move-in for the incoming one, which occurred in the same day.)


* All photos taken and used with permission




9:30AMMOVER ARRIVAL – Both the moving company and FREA staff arrive at the departing employee’s company apartment for loading all leased pieces and any other items to be passed to the next incoming transfer.  Smaller articles like the kitchenware have already been packed into shipping boxes (provided ahead of time by the moving company).



9:35AMGAS SHUTOFF – The gas technician arrives to shut off the gas for the apartment unit (gas setup/shutoff in Japan always requires an in-person visit to ensure everything is working safely).  Appointments are made in 2-3 hour time blocks, so we had originally instructed the employee to stay in the apartment between 9AM-12PM in case.


9:45AMMOVE-OUT BEGINS – Moving commences after our staff thoroughly confirms directly with the movers which items are being transported, which are being collected for disposal, and which are being left as is (some other boxes are personal belongings being shipped home). 

Furniture is disassembled as needed and appliances such as the flat-screen TV are carefully wrapped to prevent damage.


11:10AMPRE-DEPARTURE CHECK – The movers have finished loading and after a final sweep through the mostly empty apartment to ensure everything under the company lease has been collected, they receive confirmation to depart for the new company apartment.

After checking with the outgoing company employee that any remaining move-out tasks are going smoothly on their end, we wish her safe and smooth travels home and then also depart for the new apartment location