CEO Nana Yamakawa on her university days

FREA was recently featured in the newspaper!

Nana Yamakawa, CEO of foreigner-focused real estate agency FREA Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward), once traveled the world for eight consecutive months during her university days.

Ms. Yamakawa attended Chuo University in Tokyo. At the height of academic success during her senior year, she abruptly realized that because she had been so focused on completing her thesis, she had closed off her mind to anything besides studying.
After this, she resolved to spend her remaining available months before graduation to travel abroad extensively. This was made possible by a discounted round-trip ticket package available through her university.

Ms. Yamakawa’s experiences during this time expanded her horizons and also greatly helped her increase her English proficiency, a skill which continues to be of valuable use in her current work.