Funding Opportunity for Foreign Business-Owners in Japan!

In a previous article, FREA discussed the steady influx of grant programs and funding contests that are available to small businesses in Japan.  Today, we would like to draw attention to a currently ongoing business competition that is not only open to, but aimed specifically towards foreigner entrepreneurs in Japan,

The “Foreign Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition [2018]”, hosted by Tokyo Star Bank, opened for submissions earlier this month, urging foreigner business owners (as well as freelancers) to “become a star in Japan’s business scene.”

Entries are currently being accepted through Friday, June 8th, 2018.  For full details, please visit the Tokyo Star Bank website below:


The contest lists the following requirements for applicants:

● Must be a foreign national living in Japan or foreign-born Japanese
Must be a representative of a legal entity (Note: Sole proprietors may also register)
 Must be within five years of founding
 Must be able to compete in Japanese


Although all entries are indeed required to be made in Japanese, it is also permitted to have a representative present on behalf of the business owner if they themselves lack sufficient Japanese language ability—the representative is not required to be officially affiliated with the company which means that requesting some help from a friend or similar would also be viable.


Tokyo Star Bank lists providing support to foreign entrepreneurs in a challenging business environment, along with following current demographic trends (recent statistics have shown the population of foreign residents within Japan is steadily rising) as some of the key goals for hosting this contest.  We are optimistic that this reflects a growing interest amongst Japanese industries in foreign entrepreneurs in Japan, and that the number of available support resources will continue to increase.