Chris Alvis (Australia / 40’s)

I was moving to Japan and started property searching, but it was a lot more difficult than I had thought.
Being unfamiliar with all the different areas of Tokyo, I mainly based my search around schools my child would be able to attend. I learned that the public Higashimachi Elementary School in Azabu-Juban could also enroll children who spoke English, so I tried to find apartments located in that school district.
FREA listened earnestly to my requests and worries, and recommended excellent properties that took those into account.
I highly recommend FREA to families that are relocating to Japan. Thank you, Nana!

Barry Richard (UK / 30’s)

I was looking for an apartment at the latter end of 2015 after having been living in a monthly rental apartment far from central Tokyo. I had emailed perhaps 15 different real estate agents and had heard back from around 10, the rest eventually replied some weeks later. Most didn’t listen to what I had requested. Some were aggressive that I was not happy with their suggestions and others just tried to push me to rent expensive overpriced apartments in inconvenient locations. The exception was a reply that I received from Nana at FREA. She had read my request and had sent me a selection of apartments that matched my brief and some which I normally I wouldn’t have considered.
I agreed to meet Nana and to view the ones that I liked the best plus a wild card which I didn’t think much of but as it was geographically between two I did like I didn’t mind. What struck me was her approach. She did not push me at all and looked around with me giving me advice much like a close friend would who is looking out for you. Thus that day and covered all of the apartments and in the end it was the wildcard that I went for. Nana had understood me and my character from just a few emails and had found something that closely matched what I needed. I still live there and have fallen in love with the area.
Nana and her team at FREA helped me navigate easily what to me is complicated paperwork and even helped me deal with the guarantor company. I cannot stress how much help she offered me here nor how great the service of the guarantor company is after having various small problems with the apartment since that have always been dealt with in a very prompt manor.
I wanted to write this review as a thank you to FREA. I am not surprised at all that after only opening for a year she is already running the best agency in Tokyo. If you are looking for a property, all I can suggest is to at least contact her. You will then find that you have met someone that places your satisfaction ahead of any short-term profit gains on her part. When you see how the others treat you, you will then see her worth in helping you to find the best possible place to live.

Zhen Zhu (China / 20’s)

At the moment, I came to FREA is about three weeks prior of my scheduled moving date to Japan. I was worried if I could able to find my ideal house in such short period before moving, as I knew that Japanese landlord usually have different requirement in case on foreigner clients.

After conversations with numerous agents, I found FREA is the one offering the highest quality property information and outstandingly more experienced on helping overseas costumes for doing remote flat-hunting operation.

We narrowed the target property in first week, multiple field houses checking and documents arrangement services were very detail prepared by FREA after. I finally able to close the deal before departure and receive the key of my new house right after landed in Tokyo. All contract details have been carefully explained and the whole contract progress was managed in an extremely smooth way.

Very satisfied with my new house right now, as the both of property interior and surrounding area atmosphere are just like what I wished to have. Many thanks for the patient and professional supporting by FREA!

Victor Adossi (USA / 20’s)

Booking an apartment, I love through FREA was an absolute breeze. My FREA agent was extremely helpful, accommodating, and shared lots of important knowledge about the Tokyo real estate market, not to mention making the process as pain-free as one could imagine. I could not have made it through the process and found such a great apartment without FREA, FREA is definitely the best apartment locator that I dealt with when moving to Tokyo!