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FREA Co., Ltd
2-6-10, Kojimachi,Chiyoda-ku,
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Government of Tokyo(1)98412

Message from CEO

Our company’s goal is to help put foreign residents within reach of more properties that fit their needs and lifestyle. We hope to continuously work towards broadening the platform of housing resources for foreign residents in Japan.


Previously, I had been working elsewhere in the Japanese real estate industry and was placed in charge of managing leasing brokerage for foreign residents. I was struck by the steep difficulty of securing rental leases for foreigners, despite the excellent financial credit many of them posessed.
There were so many cases of foreigners being excited to start a new life in Japan, only to become discouraged upon realizing how difficult it is to secure desirable properties.


The unfortunate reality is that a portion of Japanese owners are hesitant to lease property to foreign residents, for a variety of reasons. Coupled with the inconsistency of the application screening procedures between different property managers, it can be incredibly difficult to obtain attractive housing despite the wide array of options on the market.


I founded FREA with the hopes of providing foreign residents with peace of mind, whatever their housing concerns may be, and to allow them to jump start their new life in Japan. Though we may be a small company, our team of experienced, meticulous and friendly staff will put forth our very best efforts towards supporting your stay in Japan.

CEO   Nana Yamakawa

Award History

October 2016 The 1st Real Estate Japan BEST AGENT AWARD No. 3



June 2017 The 3rd Female Entrepreneurship Challenge System Grand Prix



December 2017
Foreigner-Focused Agency Receives Special Award in Mitsubishi Estate Business Competition


March 2018
Foreigner-Focused Agency Receives Outstanding performance Award in Keikyu accelerator Business Competition