FREA recently placed in the Accelerator Program hosted by Keikyu Railway Corporation! And Currently Seeking Foreign Entrepreneurs

I am extremely pleased to announce that FREA recently placed in the Accelerator Program hosted by Keikyu Railway Corporation, and will be expanding our business to support foreign entrepreneurs in their Tokyo market pursuits.


Our company has been dealing in foreigner-specialized real estate for some time, and has assisted numerous housing search requests from clients who are arriving in Japan primarily for business purposes.  However, subsequently I would often hear from them how difficult it is to conduct business activity within Japan, and I came to realize that there was in fact a severe lack of foreigner-friendly resources for many vital business support services.


By taking our company’s existing strengths in property dealings and bilingual support and utilizing the vast business resources of the Keikyu Accelerator program, I hope to
move forwards in offering comprehensive entreprenurial support for foreigners in Tokyo.


In conjunction with this, FREA is currently actively conducting interview surveys with foreigner entrepreneurs seeking to establish companies in Tokyo!  In return for participation, we are offering complimentary use of our business support services (plus a bonus Starbucks gift certificate) upon launch at this time!


Please see the below link for details:



– Nana Yamakawa (CEO)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from FREA!

Our office will be closed from tomorrow, December 27th through January 4th in accomodation of end-of-year holidays. We will resume operations on Friday, January 5th, 2018.

FREA would like to take this time to express our profound gratitude to all our clients for their business, and our staff will continue endeavoring to provide the very best service we can.

Wishing everyone a wonderful upcoming new year!


Foreigner-Focused Agency Receives Special Award in Mitsubishi Estate Business Competition

On November 14th, 2017, Mitsubishi Estate (based in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) hosted its business plan contest known as “Corporate Accelerator Program”, and foreigner-focused leasing intermediary company FREA Co., Ltd. (based in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) was selected to receive a special prize.

FREA, in response to the underfilled demand by foreigner tenants for furnished housing properties, currently offers the leasing of essential furniture and appliances, along with other supplemental services which help to facilitate a comfortable life in Japan.

The “Corporate Accelerator Program” aims to collect business proposals—from venture projects and existing companies alike—and establish new business models in conjunction with Mitsubishi Estate and its numerous assets, sales channels, and financial expertise.

Entries were accepted earlier this year from June through October, with a total of 255 applicants received.

Mitsubishi Estate cited the company’s keen focus on the increasing influx of residents from overseas, and its relevance from a consumer perspective as a service dealing closely with the complicated process of relocation as key factors in selecting FREA for the award.

Award recipient, CEO Nana Yamakawa of FREA stated, “To receive recognition from such a large-scale corporation as Mitsubishi Estate is a great boost of confidence to our company. We hope this further invigorates the ongoing expansion of our business.”


To the HR Departments of Companies Employing Foreigner Staff

Have you encountered any obstacles or difficulties when arranging company housing for staff of foreign nationalities?

FREA Co., Ltd. is a real estate brokerage company specializing in foreigners!

All our staff are bilingual in Japanese and English, and can provide full support from start-to-finish including property searching, viewings, contract-signing and move-in.  Throughout this entire process, we are able to communicate directly with the actual individual(s) who will be residing in the company housing, making sure to take their personal needs and wishes into account.  To facilitate an even smoother relocation experience, FREA also offers supplemental services for utility set-up, furniture/appliance leasing options (exclusive to corporate housing contracts), and airport pick-up/drop-off.


Please have a look through the information on our website at your convenience below, and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your company’s housing needs!

Japanese: http://tokyo-apartments.jp/jp/real-estate-brokerage/

English: http://tokyo-apartments.jp/en/leasing-apartments/

Furthermore, our company’s leasing brokerage fee is in fact set at the same standard rate as the general real estate market. There are no added charges for the use of interpreting services you might encounter with a conventional agency.  We are also readily able to accept Japanese clients as well.


Seeking Housing Close To Chiyoda International School Tokyo? Leave It To FREA! (Leasing & Purchasing)

Chiyoda International School Tokyo (CHIST) opens its doors on April 2018 in Yonbancho, Chiyoda Ward.

Amongst those planning or currently considering enrollment, we anticipate that there will be families who are looking to relocate to the vicinity of the school’s three nearest stations (Ichigaya, Kojimachi, and Hanzomon).

At FREA, Co. Ltd., our friendly bilingual and multilingual staff, fluent in English and other languages, are on hand to respond to housing inquiries. We will thoroughly take into account the various needs and requests of all family members as well as the budget, and search for housing matching those conditions. We handle dealings in both leasing as well as the purchasing/selling of properties. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any properties near Chiyoda Ward.

Inquiries > English

FREA Is A Real Estate Company Specializing In Housing For Foreigners

FREA Co., Ltd. was established as a foreigner-focused, real estate agency based in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward. All our staff members are bilingual in English and Japanese, and as such are able to communicate with you directly regarding your housing requests. Please don’t hesitate to also consult with us for other needs beyond simply housing, such as assistance with processing ward office paperwork or adjusting to daily life in your new neighborhood.

Foreign Residents In Chiyoda Ward Are Increasing

As of November 7, 2017, Chiyoda Ward has a reported population of 63,768 (31,051 male, 32,717 female), with 2,871 of those (approximately 4.5%) being foreign national residents. This is a noted increase compared to even one year ago, and it is expected that the ratio will continue to gradually increase over time. FREA, with its expertise in both Japanese real estate dealings as well as the local neighborhoods, hopes to be of service in assisting many foreigners in smoothly and comfortably relocating here.

When And How Should I Be Searching For Housing?

Your precious children attend school nearly every day. For those hoping to reside within walking distance of school, we recommend that you proactively begin your search a few months before the school year begins. February through April is the peak relocation season in Japan, so if you wait until this period it can be quite common to find that in the short time you were considering a property it has already been quickly claimed by someone else.

Regarding the search process, if time allows, we recommend that you walk around the surrounding neighborhood and take note of any buildings you are interested in. Afterwards, pay a visit to a local real estate office and you should be able to inquire about availability.

For those who are quite busy or currently located far away, we suggest that you find and contact real estate agencies online with your budget and desired layout criteria, and have them send you a selection of properties. It may also be ideal to do some property searching online yourself in conjunction as well.

If at all possible, we highly recommend that you arrange to go and view the properties in person. As one of the primary business districts in Tokyo, this area transitions from bustling on weekdays into a quiet, calm neighborhood on weekends, which can be quite a striking contrast at first. By experiencing and gradually familiarizing yourself with both environments, we believe that you will be able to transition into the area more smoothly.

At FREA Co., Ltd., we will do our very best to search together with you for housing properties that fulfill your desired conditions. Even after contract-signing takes place, we will remain on hand and continue to provide English-language support for your new life.
For those considering Chiyoda International School Tokyo, please by all means feel free to reach out to FREA!


New FREA Website!


In conjunction with heading into our third year of service, FREA is very pleased to unveil our newly revamped website!


We have added informational resources detailing the leasing application process and costs for housing in Japan, which we hope will offer more clarity for what can often be a confusing and overwhelming experience for foreign nationals.


Over the past two years FREA has also expanded its roster of services in additional directions such as property management and business establishment logistics, and our website has been updated to reflect that.  We look forward to continuing to offer our clients the best bilingual real estate services we can in the Tokyo area!


FREA celebrates its 2 year anniversary!

FREA is beginning its 3rd year of establishment as of today!
Initially starting out as a solo business venture in a shared office space, my company has now grown to a standalone office with a bilingual staff count of five.

During the first year, I received the 3rd place award for agencies by Real Estate Japan.
In the second year, we placed in the Women Entrepreneurs Project Organization Grand Prix for our expansion into furniture and appliance leasing.

Working together with my staff, we directed our full efforts towards putting our clients first at every turn.
And although we are a small company, I feel that we are gradually beginning to establish ourselves as a real estate firm specializing in foreign nationals.

Now, as we enter the third year, I would like to take all my experiences in dealing with foreign nationals thus far and continue to devote myself to providing even better service.

Thank you so much.

– Nana Yamakawa (CEO)


News article – FREA at Startup Hub Tokyo

FREA was featured in the newspaper!

The brief article highlights our recent meeting at Startup Hub Tokyo.

“Foreigner-focused realtor agency FREA (based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) held a consultation meeting at Startup Hub Tokyo on the 20th of this month with an overseas investor looking to purchase rental housing in Japan. In addition to the simple act of purchasing housing, the potential needs for establishing a company as well as property management services also are being considered. Startup Hub Tokyo was selected as the location to host the meeting due to its availability of in-house resources for business registration as well as tax and visa advisement services.“


How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Tokyo: Interview with Real Estate Japan

FREA’s recent interview with Real Estate Japan is now up on their website!

Nana Yamakawa (CEO) discusses some of the common pitfalls and obstacles that foreigners encounter during their housing search in Japan, as well as some tips on how to approach the tricky process. We hope this article helps to shed some informative light on the Japanese real estate market, which is still largely underrepresented when it comes to English-language resources.


How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Tokyo: Interview with Local Agent — FREA


Moving in Japan? FREA recommends Apple Moving Center!

Recently, FREA has been in correspondence with another company, providing them with advice and direction on how to better serve non-Japanese residents in Japan. That company is Apple Moving Center, which we would like to introduce on our page today.

Apple Moving Center offers comprehensive moving services that are fast, friendly and affordably priced. They provide services for a wide range of moving tasks such as washing machine setup and economically removing oversize furniture/appliances. Pricing is straightforward with a variety of options to suit each household:s budget. In addition, they have top customer ratings and are ranked No. 1 on the major Japanese review site KAKAKU.com.

They have English-speaking staff available as well. FREA would like to wholeheartedly recommend that our customers consider Apple’s services for their future moving needs!



News article – FREA places in Women Entrepreneurs Project Organization Grand Prix

Foreigner-focused Real Estate Agency FREA (Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward) emerged as the winner of the Women Entrepreneurs Project Organization Grand Prix. The award ceremony will be held on July 15, at which time FREA will be awarded a prize sum of 2,000,000 yen.

The competition was comprised of proposals from female entrepreneurs on ideas they were looking to implement in their business. The entries were judged on the excellence of the ideas as well as how realistically they could be implemented. The company FREA currently acts as an intermediary company for foreigners seeking housing in Japan. Pre-furnished housing is scarce in Japan, and occurrences of foreigners being turned away from existing furniture leasing companies are common. It is this unfilled need for furnished properties that prompted FREA to begin offering furniture leasing services.

“We plan to utilize the added support from the Grand Prix to further improve our services” , stated Nana Yamakawa (CEO).

Nana Yamakawa’s commentary:

Recently, I won the Grand Prix hosted by the “Women Entrepreneurs Project Organization.”
I feel very honored to be able to receive such an award.

Foreign nationals, in comparison to Japanese citizens, often have short-term stays of less than two years. Taking into account various factors such as economical and/or time constraints, it is understandable that many of them seek furnished properties.

However, in Japan when you think of furnished properties, they typically lack the style and originality found in business hotels. Or, some properties may be modern and cool but the rent is incredible expensive.

As we know, it is quite difficult for a foreign national to secure a property lease in Japan, and it is also difficult to harness furniture leasing services for many of the same reasons.

Our company, which acts as an intermediary to rental properties, also offers furniture leasing services, providing affordable yet modern and stylish options for rooms.

The number of foreign nationals arriving in Japan continues to increase. I feel that holding an understanding of the needs of foreigners coupled with knowledge of the current housing property situation is what led me to this current position.


FREA Begins English-Speaking Office Environment!

As of today, FREA has instated an English-speaking enviroment in our office!

We hope to continuously hone the English skill levels of all staff to offer you the best services we can!!


News article – CEO Nana Yamakawa on her university days

FREA was recently featured in the newspaper!

Nana Yamakawa, CEO of foreigner-focused real estate agency FREA Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward), once traveled the world for eight consecutive months during her university days.

Ms. Yamakawa attended Chuo University in Tokyo. At the height of academic success during her senior year, she abruptly realized that because she had been so focused on completing her thesis, she had closed off her mind to anything besides studying.
After this, she resolved to spend her remaining available months before graduation to travel abroad extensively. This was made possible by a discounted round-trip ticket package available through her university.

Ms. Yamakawa’s experiences during this time expanded her horizons and also greatly helped her increase her English proficiency, a skill which continues to be of valuable use in her current work.


News article – FREA begins furniture/appliance leasing program

FREA was recently featured in the newspaper!


Foreigners who are planning to reside in Japan for 2-3 years often seek homes that come furnished with the essentials (bed, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.). However, they face many obstacles when dealing with companies in Japan, as many furniture leasing services lack the resources to communicate in English or are reluctant to lease to foreign nationals.

In response to this, FREA has begun to offer furniture leases in conjunction with their real estate services for foreigners. “We hope to expand our selection of furnishing styles over time to meet our various clients’ needs effectively.” -Nana Yamakawa (President)


Interviewed by Real Estate Japan!

Our interview with Real Estate Japan—the biggest English real estate portal site in Japan—is now up on their website!

(Article is in Japanese)


外人向けの不動産ポータルサイト会社 Real Estate Japanからインタビューを受けました。もしよければご覧ください。


During April 29th – May 7th, FREA agents will be out of office.


During April 29th – May 7th, FREA agents will be out of office.

This is a time of reflection and so we would like to thank all those who have supported us so far. Thank you for your business, loyalty and support!

For new customers, welcome! Unfortunately, you caught us at an inconvenient time. However, do not worry, we will make sure to provide our very best when we return.


During December 28th – Jan 4th, FREA agents will be out of office.

This is a time of reflection and so we would like to thank all those who have supported us so far. Thank you for your business, loyalty and support!For new customers, welcome! Unfortunately you caught us at an inconvenient time. However do not worry, we will make sure to provide our very best when we return.We hope you enjoy your holidays & wish you a Happy New Year!